About the Institute

The Institute of Research & Development; as the name suggests, is dedicated to the discovery; development; and application of forensic science in a wide range of academic and professional areas; to create excellent quality of research work, in a learning environment that promotes creativity; innovation and critical thinking amongst students.

The Institute was founded in 2009, under the able leadership of Prof. Y. K. Agrawal – the current Director of the Institute and is an active centre for generation of ideas; concepts and newer technologies. It keeps itself abreast with the ongoing developments in area of Science and Technology and is focused on hardcore research in the area of Forensic Sciences, specifically – Forensic Nanotechnology based methods for improvements in the area of crime investigations, creating faster; more reliable; widely applicable; more rugged; inexpensive and less labor intensive tools for identification; collection; preservation and analysis of crime scene evidences. It emphasizes on developing tools; inclusive of miniature cum portable forensic - testing devices, increasing the discriminatory power of existing forensic techniques, thus enhancing the chances of a more conclusive match.

The centre is also involved in researching the emerging area of Forensic Pharmaceutical Sciences involving, adulterated drugs; and so on.

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