The thrill of reaching a destination at the end of a long journey is unparalleled by any other feeling. Placements produce the same kind of excitement and happiness in the students of IRD GFSU. Having faced a gruelling regime for the last two years, the PGP participants at IRD GFSU become geared up for the companies coming to the campus and look forward to the culmination of their efforts in the form of attractive jobs that are up for offer. The placement cell at IRD GFSU is involved in this process right from the beginning of the year. Be it the preparation of the placement brochure to the summer placements and the final recruitments, their efforts are always directed towards providing the best interface suited to the representatives of an institute of high repute.

2010-11 Batch M.S.Nano Placements

2010-11 Batch M.S.Pharmacy Placements

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