M.S. Environmental Science

The institute provides various MS program in the area of Environment Science Environmental Science & Management course offers research and legal opinions towards the use and conservation of natural resources; protection of habitats and control of hazards; spanning the field of applied environment without any traditional boundaries. The course's objective is to improve expertise, generate ideas and results through contributions from biology, botany, climatology, ecology, ecological economics, environmental engineering, fisheries, environmental law, forest sciences, geology, information science, public affairs, zoology and other subjects. As the principal user of nature, humanity is responsible for ensuring that its environmental impacts are benign rather than catastrophic. Environmental Management presents a novel opportunity for academic researchers and professionals outside universities, including those in business, government, research establishments, and public interest groups, presenting a wide spectrum of viewpoints and approaches.

(Eligibility for admission: Bachelor degree in any discipline of Science (except mathematics and statistics), Medicine, Pharmacy, Environmental Science, Civil / Chemical / Environmental engineering with minimum 55% marks)

Course Credits: 85

1.    M.S. Environmental Science with specialization in Environmental Forensics

2.    M.S. Environmental Management

3.    Integrated course: M.S. Environmental Management and M.S. Environmental


Science with Specialization in Environmental Science

Environmental Science and Management offer immense career opportunities. It incorporates several activities for the protection of the environment. This in turn creates immense job opportunities for the environmental scientists, Professors, environmental biologists, environmental modelers, environmental engineers and environmental journalists. A post graduate degree holder in Environmental Science or Management can get a good position/ job according to their knowledge and experience. The employment potential of those having MS in Environmental Science and Management is in government and non-government organizations in Ministry of Environment and Forests, Urban planning, Pollution control boards, Forest and wildlife management, Water resources and agriculture, Public and private firms and industries, Social development organizations, Forest and wildlife management, Industries, distilleries, fertilizer plants, mines, refineries, textile mills etc.

Featured subjects for Environmental courses:

  • Environment Management
  • Environment Policy and Legislation
  • Environment Impact assessment and Auditing
  • Operation and Maintenance of Effluent
    Treatment Plants
  • Air and Noise Pollution Control Technology
  • Remote sensing and GIS
  • Forensic Science

Eligibility Criteria & Other Details:



Eligibility Criteria

No. of Seats

Course Fee(Per Semester)* + Application Fee

MS Environmental Science

04 Semesters

Bachelor degree in any discipline of Science (except mathematics and statistics), medicine, pharmacy, environmental / B.E. Civil , Chemical, Environmental Engineering with 55% marks

10((07 for all categories + 3 NRI/NRI sponsored/Foreign students))

Rs. 50000/- plus other University fees / Rs. 1,10,000/- (non-refundable) or equivalent to USD$ for NRI candidates and US$ 2500 for Foreign Students + other University admissible fees per semester (excluding bank charges). + Rs. 1200/-

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