Advances in analytical science have produced a revolution in forensic, environmental and pharmaceutical science. There is a strong worldwide demand for imaginative, skilled analysts with knowledge and hands-on experience of modern analytical instrumentation. Course work of this specialization will help students to participate in multidisciplinary activity that relies on chemical and analytical techniques to provide invaluable evidence from investigations of disasters, nanotechnology based research, failure in product or process, accidents and criminal activities.

(Admission Eligibility: B.Sc. in chemistry with 55% marks)

Course Credits: 85

With Specialization in Forensic Analytical Chemistry

This M.S. Chemistry Program with specialization in Forensic Analytical Chemistry has been developed for candidates having strong interest in modern instrumentation and novel methods of chemical and forensic analysis. Candidates with degree of this specialization can easily get the position in Government and Private analytical laboratories, Forensic investigation laboratories, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Companies, Food manufacturing companies, Biotechnology based research organizations and Consultancy agencies involved in legal matters. The need of chemical analysts with technical knowledge of cutting age technologies is always on demand in various government and private research organizations.

Important Subjects:

  • Analytical Chemistry, Interpretative Spectroscopy & Nano analytical techniques
  • Analysis of drugs and biological active compounds
  • Modern methods of analysis, Nano Sensors
  • Organometallic chemistry & Bio-inorganic chemistry
  • Analysis of Explosive and Narcotics
  • Forensic Science and Analysis

Eligibility Criteria & Other Details:

CourseDurationEligibility CriteriaNo. of SeatsCourse Fee(Per Semester)* + Application Fee
MS Chemistry04 SemestersB.Sc. in Chemistry with 55% marks15((12 for all categories + 3 NRI/NRI sponsored/Foreign students)) Rs. 50000/- plus other University fees / Rs. 1,10,000/- (non-refundable) or equivalent to USD$ for NRI candidates and US$ 2500 for Foreign Students + other University admissible fees per semester (excluding bank charges). + Rs. 1200/-
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