M.S. Forensic Pharmacy

MS Forensic Pharmacy deals with the application of Forensic in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Students possessing degrees in Forensic Pharmacy will work with scientists in pharmaceutical industries as well as with various governmental and private organisations and laboratories dealing with forensic analysis. The main employment agencies will be pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, Universities, Defense/Army headquarters, Central Forensic Science Laboratories, Narcotics Department, Insurance Agencies, Law-firms and many more.

(Admission Eligibility: B.Pharm degree with 55% marks)

Course Credits: 85


  1. Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance

The MS Forensic Pharmacy with specialization in Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance course is designed to enrich students with extensive training on pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance with a range of modern instruments and techniques which include analysis of nanotechnology based products, biological materials and quality assurance during manufacturing and research. The students pursuing this course are placed in pharmaceutical companies dealing with manufacturing, research & development or clinical trials. Also, students may be placed in various governmental and private companies providing services of analytical research.

Important subjects:

  • Impurity profile of drugs,
  • Drug Abuse,
  • Nano-analytical techniques
  • Intellectual Property Rights & Federal Regulations of Drug
  • Forensic Sciences

2.    Nano Drug Delivery

The students of this specialization get benefits from a highly multidisciplinary research with experimental knowledge in subjects relevant to advanced pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, novel packaging component, design and engineering of nano-medicine for different routes of administration, risk characterization and preclinical assessments of nano-pharmaceuticals. There are a variety of positions available to M.S (Nano drug delivery) candidates including posts of R&D Scientist / Scientific officer in Pharmaceutical / Biotech Companies /Research organizations, Government /Regulatory Agency employee.

Important subjects:

  • Characterization techniques for nanostructures
  • Targeting Nanocarrier for drug delivery
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Federal Regulations of Drug
  • Forensic Science

3. Regulatory Affairs and Management

This specialization provides students the knowledge and skills required to fulfil vital roles in assuring adherence with the complex drug regulations necessary for the development, delivery and marketing of safe and effective health care products. The course work includes drug regulations of leading drug markets of the world and the principal strategies of product management in regulated markets. The students may find positions in RA departments of pharmacompanies, clinical trials and legal cell of pharmaceutical companies, vigilance and post marketing cells of government and private organizations, executive post in auditing of QA/Qc departments, scientific officers positions in government and non government food and drug safety agencies, regulatory and patent consulting companies.

Important subjects:
• Drug registration
• R e g u l a t o r y r e q u i r e m e n t s f o r n e w a c t i v e substance : preclinical development
• Intellectual Property Rights
• Federal Regulations of Drugs
• Forensic Science

4. Pharmacology & Toxicology

This specialization provides a unique environment of learning pharmacology dealing with both pre-clinical and clinical aspects of the subjects. It involves the study of forensic pharmacology which deals with various legal aspects where the study of pharmacology can be applied to various legal issues such as negligence in prescribing and administering drug including adverse drug reaction.     The candidate with the specialization finds the jobs in pharmaceutical industries( R&D and clinical trial departments), pharmacovigillance programme of government agency, hospital and bio chemistry.

Important subjects:
• Drug discovery & advance pharmacological technique
• Systemic Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Regulatory control and clinical research
• Intellectual Property Rights
• Federal Regulations of Drugs
• Forensic Science

5. Pharmacokinetic and Clinical Pharmacy

This is specializations includes studies on pharmacokinetic analysis, modelling and simulation of pharmacokinetic data, drug metabolism, and pharmacokinetic evaluation of specific therapeutic problems and investigations of compliance, interactions and adverse drug reactions. The course work is framed to strengthen students in investigation of bioavailability and bioequivalence of drug
drug formulations, expert opinions writing for protocols in clinical studies of drug preparations required for drug marketing authorization. The candidates with this specialization can make their carrier in pharmaceutical R&D (New drug development) and clinical trials departments agencies, multispecialty hospitals of India and other developed nations, government research laboratories/

Important subjects:
• Good Pharmacovigilance Practice & A regulatory prospective
• Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
• Intellectual Property Rights
• Federal Regulations of Drugs
• Forensic Science

  • Eligibility Criteria & Other Details
Name Of Course            
Eligibility Criteria        
No. of Seats       
Course Fee(Per Semester)* + Application Fee
MS Forensic Pharmacy 4 semesters (2 years) B.Pharm Degree with minimum 55% marks, preference will be given to GATE/GPAT Qualified candidates. 25 (19 for all categories + 6 NRI/NRI sponsored/Foreign students)  Rs. 60000/- plus other University fees / Rs. 1,30,000/- (non-refundable) or equivalent to USD$ for NRI candidates and US$ 2500 for Foreign Students and other University admissible fees per semester (excluding bank charges). + Rs. 1200/-
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